Cin Sity

This one comes from the "ask and thou shalt receive" bin. A reader duly noted that the Essex Green's third album, Cannibal Sea, made an appearance on one of our writer's "Top Ten of 2006? lists and inquired whether we would be paying any attention to today's scheduled lounge act session. Well, as it turns out, the lounge act was canceled, and my attendance at their live show this evening in Newport, Kentucky has been nixed as well due to waning health. Nevertheless, a plug is in order, and a plug you shall receive.

Although "Sin City," with its gentle waves of acoustic strumming, tambourine, and glinting keyboard, is thematically a story of the band's lament over guitarist/singer Chris Ziter's move to "O-hi-o" (sung just like that), Cincinnati residents can pick up on a more discreet subject. While singer Sasha Bell never comes right out and says so, the sing-songy references to tugboats, green Kentucky hills, and the Queen City's primary NFL rival town, the geographical heart of this balladeering pop song is hard to miss. And if you missed Essex Green in Sin City tonight, you can take a tug or take a train to see them in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

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